Asign2u works in partnership with our Sister company CoDesignDigital

Self adhesive vinyl is a permanent vinyl which is mostly printed in full colour and gives your product the perfect finishing touch. Vinyl is manufactured for different environments so that means it can be installed directly on your walls, office furniture, glass and mirrors, products and will transform your business to impress your customers.

Large format prints are often required for your business as well as banner printing, poster printing, display prints. We are able to provide a comprehensive solution for you.

Frosted vinyl is a very effective and classy method to impress the onlooker. The vinyl used is a self adhesive and is the perfect solution for Retail, Office, Bars & Restaurants.

Etched vinyl leaves the viewer enjoying a sand blasted look and leaves a memorable impression of an expensive product.

Contra vision is a perforated film which is designed for glass and window displays. We install the product to either the outside or the inside of the window. Once in position the product enables the viewer to see the message whilst on the other side you are able to see the viewer.